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About Us

Polaroids of the two women behind Irina Victoria Jewelry

We are grounded in minimalism and all it stands for. To us that’s quality over quantity, being a conscious consumer, curating a collection of belongings that bring joy, and living meaningfully. Based in Boston and run by two women who happen to be best friends.

Our Mission. To design timeless, minimalist fine jewelry that is environmentally conscious and made in the USA. We honor our planet by sourcing recycled precious metals and above ground gemstones, using recycled and recyclable packaging and donating a portion of every sale to wildlife conservation. We bring joy to our customers by providing an exceptional service experience and beautiful jewelry.

Our Vision. To be a coveted brand in sustainable fine jewelry and inspire our supporters to embrace a minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Production. Local and lean is our approach. Most of our designs are conceived and created under the same roof and our production numbers are small. Curating a limited selection of handmade pieces independent of seasonal fashion cycles helps us maintain our vision and minimize our impact on the environment.

Sourcing. Our designs feature recycled precious metals and conflict-free, ethically sourced, above ground stones. All of our production materials are purchased from trusted vendors in the USA. Additional information can be found in our FAQ section under "Materials & Production".

Giving Back. We love our planet and we are grateful for the wildlife that inhabits it. Without them, ecosystems fall out of balance (including ours!) and that is an alarming thought. That’s why we donate 5% of profits from online sales to the Wildlife Conservation Network. Donations are submitted to the charity bi-annually.