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Custom Jewelry Design

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the shop? Don’t worry, our feelings aren’t hurt!

Whether you’re looking to create something for yourself or someone special in your life, we understand the deep emotional connection to a piece of jewelry that’s meticulously designed with love and care just for you.

We proudly specialize in creating sustainable fine jewelry that ranges from minimalist everyday bespoke designs to the bejeweled engagement ring of your dreams. If you're reading this and thinking, "my budget isn't big enough" or "I'm not 100% sure how I want my design to look", we'd like to stop you right there. We're here to hold your hand through the entire process and make it work within your budget. That's the beauty of working privately with a designer!

We would be honored to help make your vision come to life. If you're up for the design journey, here’s what you can expect...

The Process

First Thing’s First. Fill out our custom jewelry request form here.

Consultation. After reviewing your request, Irina will reach out to further discuss your needs, budget and timeline. The consultation process is completely free of charge and there's no pressure to move forward if you're not ready!

Collaborate. Ready to take the next step? Now the fun part can really start! Share any thoughts and images you may have collected for design inspiration. Ask all the questions you'd like- Irina will help you refine your vision by providing her professional opinion and design ideas.

Payment. Throughout the collaboration stage you'll be provided pricing information as the design evolves. Payment varies based on the needs of the design, but at minimum we require a 50% deposit once material sourcing and production begins. The remaining balance is paid when the piece is ready to ship.

Actualize Your Vision. From traditional sketching and handcrafting to CAD imagery, 3D wax printing and casting, we can make it happen.

The Result. What started as an idea has now become a wearable, irreplaceable piece of bespoke jewelry for you or a loved one to cherish!


Halo-style round brilliant diamond engagement ring

Halo-Style Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring
"I knew exactly what my fiance wanted from the start, but wasn't sure where to get the ring. I'm grateful I was able to work with Irina because she made the process so easy. I had my fiance's little sister send Irina images of the ideal ring. She took the inspiration and ran with it keeping me updated throughout the entire process. My fiance loves the ring and we look forward to working with Irina for both our wedding bands." - Igor Z.

Oval diamond engagement ring with accent stones

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Accent Stones
"It was time for me to spring for the engagement ring my fiance always wanted and I feel lucky to have found Irina and IV Jewelry. She took the time to guide me through the design process while making sure the ring stayed within budget without sacrificing quality. My fiance thinks it's simply the perfect ring and she's constantly admiring how beautiful it is, which is all that matters. I would recommend IV Jewelry to everybody, thanks Irina!" - Chris K.

Floral inspired halo-style round brilliant diamond engagement ring

Floral Inspired Halo-Style Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring
"I had some idea of how I wanted my fiance's engagement ring to look but had no idea how to make it happen. Irina helped me through every step of the process from sending over and reviewing designs to selecting the diamond. She was super helpful, the result was awesome and fiance loves it! I would absolutely recommend Irina Victoria to anyone who wants something a bit more unique but doesn't know where to start." - Luke J.

Family heirloom inspired solitaire diamond engagement ring

Family Heirloom Inspired Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
"My experience with Irina Victoria Jewelry was exceptional. I wanted to recreate an antique engagement ring that belonged to my great grandmother and to say it was a success would be an understatement. Irina was incredibly helpful and professional throughout the entire process all the way from picking the diamond, designing the setting, and delivering the finished product. Everyone who sees the ring raves about it and asks where I got it from. Amazing experience for the most important purchase of my life!" - Sean R.

Men's engraved pendant necklace

Men's Engraved Pendant Necklace
"I could not be more pleased with my experience with Irina and the Irina Victoria Jewelry team. I have been an IVJ customer for about 5 years, and am consistently impressed and in love with the pieces I own. Because of this experience, I asked Irina to craft a custom necklace for my husband. I started with a very abstract idea, and gave her little to work with; what she produced was absolutely beautiful and far exceeded my expectations. Her patience, expertise, artistic eye and customer service are incomparable!" - Rachel T.

Photo of designer, Irina

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